About Us

We are a group of expatriates from not only America and Canada, but also from other countries, including Norway, Denmark, The Netherlands, and even as far as Singapore, Australia and Brazil. We are women from all walks of life, united in our interest to foster and develop a fun, welcoming environment for newcomers and expatriates in Scotland while getting involved in the local community through charity and volunteer work.  We’re a group that values both social and philanthropic activities equally as a way of enriching our lives while living abroad.

While many of our members are in Aberdeen for work-related reasons (be it for themselves or their spouse/partner), the club also has a number of members who are married to Brits or who came to Aberdeen because of University study programs.  We have about 70 active members and a board of 15 volunteers that governs the association, plans all the events, and welcomes newcomers.

Every quarter we publish a newsletter with AWA news, information on upcoming activities and our charity, recommendations for life in Scotland, and things to do in and around Aberdeen.

While the organization as a whole meets once a month for a general meeting or a larger social event, there are many activity groups which meet more frequently – allowing our members the opportunity to meet friends, socialize and get to know Aberdeen.  We are also proud to choose a local charity each year and raise funds on their behalf.

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AWA Board Members

Our History

The Association of American Women of Aberdeen was originally founded by six American women who felt there was not enough contact among the U.S. expatriate community in Aberdeen.  The first meeting was held in February 1985 at 50 Beaconsfield Place.  From then on meetings had to be held in larger places to accommodate the number of women the club attracted.  By the end of the year, there were over 100 members.

The club was formed to make social contacts with fellow expatriates, help newcomers settle in, provide support when the going got tough, and make lasting friendships.  The primary purpose of this organization today is to help expatriates adapt to their new environment, integrate into the expat community in the Aberdeen area by providing social and cultural contacts, and integrate into the local community by supporting a local charity.

Proud Member of FAWCO

The Federation of American Women’s Clubs Overseas (FAWCO) is an international network of 78 independent American women’s associations located on six continents. With a combined membership of over 17,000 women, FAWCO brings member clubs together to support American women living abroad, to share information on matters of common interest, and to address the particular issues affecting American citizens residing outside the USA.

For more information regarding FAWCO please visit their website fawco.org