ARC Hippotherapy: SCIO

The AWA is proud to be fundraising for the local charity ARC Hippotherapy: SCIO (a member group of the national charity Riding for the Disabled) this year.  ARC Hippotherapy: SCIO are based at the Aberdeen Riding Club premises at Nether Anguston Farm, Peterculter, and offer hippotherapy for children and adults with disabilities, provided by a Qualified Physiotherapist.

What is Hippotherapy?
Hippotherapy literally means treatment with the help of a horse, from the Greek word hippo, meaning horse. The therapist utilises the rhythmic movement of the walking horse. A client appropriately positioned on the horse experiences and responds to significant sensory input.  This positions them ideally to develop postural control, equilibrium reactions, balance, coordination, and spatial orientation. There are also psychological, speech, language and cognitive benefits.  Hippotherapy is a treatment carried out by, or under the direction of a specially trained Physiotherapist or Occupational Therapist – the hippotherapist. Valerie Cooper is the trained hippotherapist. She observes the rider and gives instructions to 2 side helpers, who walk either side of the horse to ensure that the rider is in the correct position at all times to gain maximum benefit from the treatment.