2017/2018 Membership Application Form

Payment can be made below via PayPal or by check payable to AWA & posted to AWA, PO BOX 11952, Westhill, AB13 0BW. 

Contact: membership@awaaberdeen.org for more information

AWA Membership :

*Please note that online payments include a £2 service charge fee – a total of £42.



*BY-LAWS ARTICLE-MEMBERSHIP: ACTIVE membership shall be open to persons who are United States citizens or Canadian citizens or spouses of United States or Canadian citizens. A person, not eligible for ACTIVE membership may apply for ASSOCIATE membership. ASSOCIATE members pay dues, participate in AWA activities and have the right to vote. ASSOCIATE membership shall not exceed 40% of the total ACTIVE membership and is to be distributed as follows: 20% non UK passport holders, 20% UK passport holders. Membership will be granted in order of applications received. Should the ASSOCIATE membership percentages be met, a waiting list will be established.